Resilience is a protective factor…in fact, many protective factors. Protective factors enable us to counter the risk factors that endanger our health. This site offers 42 ways to build resilience and strengthen families. We call these the resilience building blocks. From our childhood, we develop competencies and characteristics that prepare us to be effective in the world. We also develop the capacity to adapt in the face of challenges. Meanwhile, none of us is perfect – we all will have moments when we don’t appear to be very well adapted to the conditions we’re facing.
Resilience is complex; it is possible to be resilient in one setting and to do very poorly in another. It is our ability to bounce back when faced with a variety of challenges.

It is about building better coping strategies to meet life's twists and turns. Check out our Resilience Deck of Cards at the Online Store- 42 building blocks for you to use. Play the 11 games with the decks, use the desktop calendar for a daily tip, or play with the magnet kit to build vocabulary.

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Have you seen Paper Tigers and what to get started? Resilience strategies following Paper Tigers

Here's a great list of ways to build resilience: 20 great Resilience Tips

And how aboout having fun while building emotional wellness? Fun ways to develop mindfulness!

Self-care is #1, yet most of us feel we are "too busy" to dedicate time to our own emotional wellness. One minute, every hour, spent on a deep-breathing exercise, can improve our emotional attitude for the remaining 59 minutes of that hour! You are the most important individual and you deserve the #1 priority status! The main tip?? CREATE YOUR PLAN and ask a friend or family member to hold you accountable to a daily plan! It will change your life.  Idea for self-care

Listen to this powerful message of hope and love:

Did you know? A compassionate response to students’ trauma histories can reduce out of school suspension by 80%.

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